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Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating - heat your pool with the sun

Solar Pool Heating is a simple and effective way to heat your swimming pool or spa. By harnessing the heat energy of the sun, these systems are able to efficiently and cost-effectively heat your swimming pool - and extend your season by months. Solar pool heating systems differ greatly from Solar PV (electricity) systems that create electricity by converting light energy into electricity. Solar pool heating systems do not create electricity, only heated water. Properly sized systems will increase pool temperature by 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit above normal pool temperatures. To speak to a solar pool heating expert and receive a free evaluation of your potential for pool heating simply click the button below:

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How does a solar pool heater work?

Pool heating systems warm your pool by multiplying the normal heating effect of the sun. Your existing pool pump is used to pump filtered water through a solar water heating panel (angled on a south facing roof or structure) and return it directly to the pool. There is no additional tank required.

In warm climates, your solar pool heating system can be used to cool your pool by circulating pool water at night (which disperses the heat).

Solar Pool Heating Installation

If you are considering a solar pool heating sytem, it is highly recommended that you use a professional installer. Licensed and insured pool heating contractors will ensure the efficiency of the system and safeguard the warranties offered by system manufacturers.

Solar Pool Cover

A solar pool cover can help you retain much of the heat generated by your solar pool heater. It's a great investment that will pay for itself in very little time.

Free Solar Pool Evaluation


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