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Green Power Science - DIY solar projects

Green Power Science - DIY solar projects on video

Green Power Science is the popular DIY solar Youtube video show hosted by Dan and Denise Rojas.  Green Power Science is dedicated to the backyard scientist, and the understanding that most of the amazing discoveries in the world are the result of people experimenting through trial and error in their own back yards and garages.

From Silicon Valley to rural towns across the US to every country of the world, DIY projects are the engine of innovation that will ensure our energy future.  Dan and Denise create their videos to provide inspiration for your next do-it-yourself solar creation.  Join the DIY Solar Network to see more Green Power Science videos and lend your own voice. Green science power for all!

DIY solar projects - Fresnel Lenses, Stirling Engines, fun in the sun

The power of the sun is evident to anyone after a suffering the effects of a bad sunburn.  Imagine a device that can concentrate the sun's solar energy 2000X.  Nothing stands a chance.  Dan Rojas demonstrates the power of the Fresnel lens in a series of videos.  You can purchase your own Fresnel lens on the Green Power Science site, but remember to be extremely careful and follow the instructions.  The devastating force of the sun is not to be taken lightly!

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