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The time for solar energy has arrived, and we're here to help. Federal, state and local solar incentives now make solar power installations considerably less than just 1 year ago. Putting solar panels on your home or business has never been as compelling as it is right now. Want to know more? Our network of licensed solar panel installation professionals is ready to answer your questions about solar energy. Start by clicking below:

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Articles, videos and photos on over 50 topics covering the concepts and technology of today's energy, and the vision for the next phase of energy sources.

The world needs more solar panels

Whether you agree or not with climate change, there should be no disagreement that energy is best derived from clean, renewable sources like wind power or solar energy. The sun is an endless resource, the purest form of energy we have. Tapping its power with solar panels is simple, straightforward and scalable. Energy independence isn't a campaign slogan - it should be a way of life.

Solar panels are less expensive and more powerful now

The best news for consumers is the continuing increase in the efficiency of solar panels and the steady decline in prices. By boosting the efficiency of the panels,  manufacturers have allowed consumers to dramatically increase the amount of power they get from each panel and produce more power for each square foot of space on their rooftop or on their ground mounted system. 

Energy tax credits also help to lower costs

Federal legislation has created a 30% tax credit for anyone that purchases solar panels, wind turbines, or other alternative energy products. The credit also covers solar panel installation costs and costs associated with wind turbine installation. Additional incentives from state and local governments can reduce the upfront cost for solar energy panels and wind power by as much as 70%. When factoring in energy savings and increases to the value of one's home from a residential solar panel or home wind power system the long term investment returns are approximately 20-25%. EV Charging stations combined with solar power on your home can make your electric vehicle driving a 0% emission experience.

Residential Solar Panels and Solar Energy

Home solar power is more affordable than ever. Solar panels have increased efficiency, prices are more attractive and new financing options are now available that enable homeowners to install solar panels without upfront costs.

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Michigan solar car sponsored by DAsolar solar panel installation

Michigan Solar Car - Official Sponsor is a very proud sponsor of the Michigan solar car team. Solar energy is the future of energy, and the creativity and innovation of the students from Michigan and other universities around the world will continue to increase performance and drive down costs for solar. We are committed to making that happen and use our sponsorships to help accelerate real world solar projects.

The opportunity for this generation is to move boldly towards clean, renewable sources of energy. The good news? As we adopt solar energy and other alternatives, we save money, become healthier, and more secure. That's good for individuals, for our nation, and the world. Energy is our best opportunity to build a brighter future. Visit our blog or follow us on Twitter

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