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Michigan solar car

University of Michigan Solar Car - power and speed

Australian Global Green Challenge update (12:55 am EST 10/29):  Michigan finished the race in 3rd place after a thrilling duel with Nuon solar car    -->Follow race updates on Twitter<--

The 100 students that comprise the University of Michigan solar car team are some of the brightest minds in the world.  The Infinium Solar Car project is the result of 2 years of effort to build a solar powered car that can win the World Solar Challenge, the premier solar event held every two years in the outback of Australia.  UofM will be competing against major corporations and other top universities like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's solar car for top honors.

2007 Michigan Solar Car - "Continuum"

Infinium ready for the World Solar Challenge

The newest car from the University of Michigan solar car team is called Infinium.  It was officially unveiled on June 5, 2009 and is ready to race.

michigan solar car 2009 Infinium

2009 Michigan Solar Car - "Infinium"

Michigan Solar Car team with trophy - a tradition of winning

UofM has a winning tradition - smiles all around

2009 michigan solar car front


2009 World Solar Challenge - The race across Australia

Every two years, major corporations, universities and a few high schools compete in a high tech version of Mad Max.  Most of the cars competing will have been under development for the entire two year span between races, and incorporate the latest technology available.  This makes the World Solar Challenge unique.

Michigan solar car team has a winning tradition

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