Connecticut - Energy tax credit, solar rebates and incentives

Connecticut Renewable and Solar Energy Incentives

Property Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy Systems (Residential/Commercial)

Use and Sales Tax Exemption for Solar and Geothermal Systems (Residential/Commercial)

Energy Conservation Loan – Connecticut Housing Investment Fund, Inc. (CHIF) (Residential)

Solar Photovoltaic Rebate Program – Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) (Residential)

Geothermal Rebate Program – Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) (Residential/Commercial)

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund is offering an incentive for homeowners and commercial businesses that install geothermal heat pumps on their property.

This program is concomitant with pre-existing rebate programs administered by Connecticut Light and Power and United Illuminating Co.

Under this program, rebate amounts are as follows:

System restrictions:

Heat pumps are required to have a closed-loop circulation design and must be rated by Energy Star.

Systems must accommodate at least half of the overall heating capacity of the building.

Geothermal systems must be emplaced by either IGSHPA affiliated installers or GeoExchange-certified installers.

Solar Thermal Incentive Program – Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (Residential/Commercial)

Connecticut offers homeowners and commercial businesses that install solar thermal heating systems on their property a substantial rebate to help pay for equipment and installation costs.

CT Solar Lease (Residential)

Net Metering (Residential/Commercial)

Federal Tax Credit (Residential/Commercial)

Federal Energy Conservation Subsidy Exclusion (Residential)

Energy-Efficient Mortgages (Residential)

Example: 4KW System – Residential Installation Cost

Average Electric Bill: $250/mo

Projected Annual Bill Escalation: 5%

Cost Per Watt: $6.50

-         Estimated System Cost: $26,000

-         Federal Tax Credit: $5,795

-         State/Utility Rebate: $6,684

-         Net Cost: $13,521

-         Cumulative Lifetime Savings (25 Years): $41,594

-         Investment Return: 12.2%

Savings of 48% on the total cost of your solar system through incentives

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Connecticut Energy Tax Credit
Connecticut Energy Tax Credit
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